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I'm trying to bind DateTimePicker control to a property of an object.

    DatePickerDataSale.DataBindings.Add("Text", document.Data, "DataSale");

Code for class document.Data looks like this:

private DateTime dataSale;
public DateTime DataSale
    get { return dataSale; }
    set { dataSale= value; }

Problem is that this databinding does not work. On

DatePickerDataSale.DataBindings.Add("Text", document.Data, "DataSale");

DataSale.get is called, but setter never executes. Where can be problem?

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Shouldn't you bind to value property?

DatePickerDataSale.DataBindings.Add("Value", document.Data, "DataSale");
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Yeah, you're right. Stupid mistake caused by copying-pasting code from other controls –  Ask Mar 7 '12 at 9:29

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