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I am trying to develop a application where

  1. The user 'X' has logged into Facebook
  2. app has a set of email addresses (possible friends of user 'X')
  3. app gets the list of friends of user 'X' (uids)
  4. Want to check if user with email address is a valid facebook user by using email address and is user X's friend (basically a uid to email mapping)
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Cool app! Did you want us to do something? – Kekoa Jun 6 '09 at 15:32

Yes, this is possible. First, get the UIDs for all of a user's friends. Then, execute this FQL to get the email_hashes for each friend:

SELECT email_hashes FROM user WHERE uid IN (comma_delimted_set_of_uids)

Since you already have the email address, you can hash it and compare it to facebook's email_hash. If you have a match, you know it's valid. According to the FB documentation, the format of each email hash is the crc32 and md5 hashes of the email address combined with an underscore (_).

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First you need to get permisssion using oAuth dialog using FB api, in the example they have shown how they have populated the user name.

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