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I'm working on a app where you can choose a pdf file. If you choose one, the app will speak the text for you (with text-to-speech). The part of text-to-speech is working. if i send a NSString to the method.

Now i'm working on reading a pdf file. I want to parse the pdf file so i will get the information into a NSString. It can be a simple pdf (without pictures).

I have tried to parse the pdf file, but i didn't work. After that i looked on the internet but i didn't saw a complete sample code or tutorial for that. I have already tried it with the library information ( but that doesn't work.

I'm new to Objective-C (but i know c and C++ etc.), so if it is possible i want little more that only a little hint to the solution. Can somebody help me?

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if you found some solution then let me know too – Arpit Raniwala Dec 26 '12 at 9:50
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I think PDFKitten is a good sample code for PDF parser.

If you want to handle non-ASCII code,specially CJK(Chinese-Japanese-Korean)code, you also need knowledge about Adobe CID.

Basically you have to do followings.

1 Get a sample PDF parser code, like PDFKitten.

2 Write your call back function for Tj and TJ operator. In your call back function, you will get printable string.

3 You know rest of project.

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