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I trying to combine two programs: MakeHuman 1.06 ( and Blender 2.57 (

I have been using the script for importing MH to blender and it works perfectly.

As I have imported one person, I simply want to use the add-on (mocap tool) (whose source code is provided here )

and use the option Load, Retarget, Simplify to load my .bvh file.

Although, I can do it though the GUI, I can't find the write method/class to call, so that I could do it by script.

scn = bpy.context.scene

bpy.ops.mhx.mocap_load_retarget_simplify('INVOKE_DEFAULT', filepath = './cmuconvert-mb2-141-144/141/141_23.bvh')

but it doesn't seem to work...because of a warning

Warning - no scene - scene properties not set

Could you please help me.? I am quite stuck here:(

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Rolled back the change - add it as a comment below and accept. That's the correct way to mark solved (it's ok to accept your own answers!) – Hamish Mar 7 '12 at 22:40
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You just need to set 'EXEC_DEFAULT'

bpy.ops.mhx.mocap_load_retarget_simplify('EXEC_DEFAULT', filepath = filepath)

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