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In EF 4.3 IncludeMetadataConvention, EdmMetadata and other classes are obsolete:

The XXX is no longer used. EdmMetadata is not included in the model. <see cref="EdmModelDiffer" /> is now used to detect changes in the model.

What is EdmModelDiffer and how it should be used?

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It looks like EdmModelDiffer is an internal class for EF Code Migrations, so it is quite a bad error message to pass back to the user.

In Entity Framework 4.3 EF Migrations is used to detect changes in the model and optionally update the database when needed. This blog post explains some details on edmmetadata vs the new ef migrations.

There are some EF migration walkthroughs (google for it) available as an introduction. I've written a series about it as well.

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Here's the blog which prob. explain in much shortly and sweetly :) squarewidget.com/includemetadataconvention-deprecated-in-ef-4.3 – activebiz Mar 24 '12 at 14:50

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