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Is it possible to convert a string variable to long or a long variable to string type in android? If so how can I achieve that? Please help me regarding this....

thanks in advance

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You can do this....:)

String res=Long.toString(longValue); long result=Long.parseLong(stringValue);

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Yes, easily:

long aLong = Long.parseLong(aString);
String aString = Long.parseLong(aLong);
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you can try some thing like this:

long myLong = Long.parseLong(str);

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long long_variable = Long.parseLong(your_string);

It will work fine as far as you string is long compatible else it will throw parse Exception

String str = new Long(yout_long_variable).toString();
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You could use: to construct a new long based on a string.

And to get a String from a long.

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