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Can log4net filter and replace matched log message?

<filter type="log4net.Filter.StringMatchFilter">
  <param name="AcceptOnMatch" value="false" />
  <param name="RegexToMatch" value="&lt;Code>.*&lt;/Code>" />

This code can match the ...content...of Code and not to write all message to file.

But, what I want is that save the message, and replace the content of Code with empty.


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Never heard of such functionality in bundled filters.

You'll probably have to do the job yourself by subclassing log4Net.Filter.FilterSkeleton or StringMatchFilter.

Then in your XML, you'll only have to call

<filter type="Your.Application.TheFilterYouJustWrote">
  <param name="AcceptOnMatch" value="false" />
  <param name="RegexToMatch" value="&lt;Code>.*&lt;/Code>" />
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Thanks, We have done by code behind. –  zclmoon Apr 13 '12 at 8:41
Maybe you could post it, as several questions on SA evolve around this type of filters –  PPC Apr 13 '12 at 20:56

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