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Sometimes my ASP.NET application returns a value of "::1" when querying Page.Request.UserHostAddress.

I can't see any pattern as to when it returns a correct IP address vs when it returns the incorrectly formatted string. It will work for half a day and then stop working for an hour randomly. Any thoughts?


Okay, it's the loopback address for IPv6. :) Which leads to the further question... When/why would IPv6 be used on some occasions and not others?

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::1 is the IPv6 loopback address. Equivalent to for IPv4.

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That's also a correct IP address, but it's an IPv6 address instead of an IPv4 address.

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I believe you can override this by commenting out the IPv6 localhost entry your hosts file. The file is at:


You'll want to modify the last couple of lines to look like this: localhost

# ::1 localhost

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I believe the Visual Studio Web Server defaults to IPv6, could can turn off the support in the browsers, here is a post about a bug that causes performance issues with Firefox and IPv6.

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I guess you are on the server, browse your website and page from a remote machine you should see the client IPv4 address.

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