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I have successfully compiled py27-pyqt4 from Macports, but it is compiled against the system python 2.7. But my standard working environment is Enthought's Python distribution (EPD) 7.2-2. The system python (/usr/bin/python) is a Python 2.7.1, but EPD's Python is a Python 2.7.2.

Can I link this 2.7.1-compiled pyqt without problems to my EPD? If so, how? And if not, how can I compile MacPorts using the EPD's python?

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I had also hard time trying to install pyqt4 linked to EPD using macport (for some reason, I couldn't make macport to build pyqt4 with the correct PPC architecture of my powerbook G4 ...).

I ended up by building pyqt4 directly from source, and this post as well as this post have been very useful. Just change the target install diectory /Library/Python/2.6/site-packages with the one in your EPD folder. Worked for me.

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