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I am able to grab album name and photos uploaded by the user using the graph api.

When I use "".$access_token", I get all the tagged photos of the user. Is there a way to get the name of the album of a photo, which has not been uploaded by the user but by his friend?


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you'd need<user_id>/photos?access_token=<access_token> – scibuff Mar 7 '12 at 12:37

I don't think you can get that directly, but using the "link" attribute you can quickly suss it out, as seen in this example:

"link": ""

That set parameter and fbid tell you much more about the photo.

You can view more details about the photo by going to the page for it. It will tell you the position in the album, though it still won't have the album:

You can however determine the album id from the set parameter, the album id is the between the a. and the second ., so in this example the album id is 358879884656

So, the album info would be available at:
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