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I'm writing a C# application and am using an Access .mdb. I have a table with email messages and a table with message relations (each email msg can be assigned to several teams of workers), so the rows in the relations table have "msgId" and "teamName" fields.

I want to to get all messages from the first table which are assigned to a specified team. I'm using the following query:

"SELECT * FROM Mails INNER JOIN MailAssignments ON Mails.msgId = MailAssignments.msgId"

But it doesn't return the msgId for me, I guess, because the tables are joined on this field, but then I m not able to identify messages in my C# code.

How can I make the query return the msgId for me?

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It is enough specify the fields name in the selection, or add the table name where you want to get all the fields, try with this selection list :

SELECT Mails.* 
FROM Mails INNER JOIN MailAssignments 
ON Mails.msgId = MailAssignments.msgId
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It should appear twice in the resultset, for Mails.msgId and MailAssignments.msgId respectively. However, you should not expect two columns named msgId. Rather, the DBMS should disambiguate the columns. This is a requirement of Standards SQL, BTW.

IIRC Access will rename both columns in order to disambiguate them. This would explain why there is no column named msgId in the result.

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