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When i am running the server and visitor is trying to open the page www.site.com/zf/bandwidth. How can i display the user his upload/download speed? Which adapter / class can be used.

class ZfController extends  Zend_Controller_Action {
  public function bandwidthAction() {
     // show the upload/ download speed of that visitor
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Maybe you could use the ProgressBar Adapter to measure the bandwith for predefined packages and return it to the user of your website.

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But this is not both? Such as Download and Upload measure. File transfer is upload actually. So you are saying upload and again download the same file to measure it? –  YumYumYum Mar 7 '12 at 12:01
In fact you could measure upload trough FileTransferand download trough some javascript .. (this would be my approach). –  steveoh Mar 7 '12 at 12:25

PHP is not really suitable for this sort of thing. The "speed test" type websites normally use a browser plugin, so you might want to hunt around to see if you can find something off-the-shelf you can use that will likely be written in either Java or Flash.

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