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I tried deploying this sample Rest + Spring sample application to my Cloud Foundry account through Eclipse STS and Cloud Foundry plugin, however I get this error:

HTTP Status 404 - Could not find resource for relative : /customer/print of full path:

However if I run locally in my local Tomcat 7 server, I get the response.

Any ideas why I experience this error?

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  • I would suggest you run your applications locally on CloudFoudndry micro, which is identical in most respects to CloudFoundry cloud
  • While uploding the app to cloud from command line, add "-t" argument to push, so you will get a detailed information of error.
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Also remember that Cloud Foundry uses Tomcat 6 as its Servlet Container. I would recommend you to check your application locally on a Tomcat 6 instance rather than a Tomcat 7.

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