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I have a Macro that runs through my sent items and finds the To: names and then creates folders for them and moves them. This all works fine, except I now want to change my code to not pick up the names of the people but instead the email address.

In the below code, if I have sent an email to JoeBlogs and JohnDoe it displays JoeBlogs; JohnDoe in the myString variable, which is fine.

I want to add another variable that gets their email address so it would display JB@1.com; JD@2.co.uk

Any help would be appreciated.

For I = iNumItems To 1 Step -1
   Set objcuritem = oSentItems.Item(I)
   If TypeName(objcuritem) = "MailItem" Then

       dDate = objcuritem.ReceivedTime

       If DateDiff("d", dDate, Now) > Days Then
           Set myFolder = Nothing

           Set oApp = New Outlook.Application
           Set objFolder = oApp.GetNamespace("MAPI").Folders("Personal Folders").Folders("Inbox")
           Set objInbox = objFolder

           myString = (objcuritem.To) 
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No cc and bcc recipients processed.

Create a temporary item, say tempItem

Fill the To line with the true mail's To.

Resolve All.

For recip = 1 to (tempItem.Recipients.Count - 1)
    myString = myString & tempItem.Recipiients(recip).address & ";"

myString = myString & tempItem.Recipiients(tempItem.recipients.count).Address
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