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I need to display some external data from php file to .tpl file. For this I want to include php file to .tpl file. I have tried folllowing code to display php file content to tpl.

{php} include('custom_code.php'); {/php}

but on page output was include('custom_code.php');

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And your Smarty delimiters are {}? What if they're {{}}? –  Lightness Races in Orbit Mar 7 '12 at 12:33

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{php} has been deprecated. Have a look at Extending Smarty With Plugins.

put the follwing in …/plugins/function.yourplugin.php:

function smarty_function_yourplugin(array $params, Smarty_Template_Instance) {
    include 'your_other_file.php';

and use in your template:

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thanks rodneyrehm for solution, I will try your solution. –  absolutek Mar 8 '12 at 10:19

You shouldn't add PHP code to the template. It will make whole idea of templates spoiled.

You have to add PHP code to controller, not template.

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There is a best practise guide on smarty homepage. #1 is Do not embed PHP!


Try this: {include_php file="/path/to/somefile.php"}

But notice:

{include_php} is deprecated from Smarty, use registered plugins 
to properly insulate presentation from the application code. 
As of Smarty 3.1 the {include_php} tags are only available 
from SmartyBC.

So best way is to write a smarty plugin as explained by rodneyrehm

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