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I have a PHP function which requires 2 arguments . The function calculates the number of days between that given 2 dates(arguments are given in MM/DD/YYYY format) . When I am passing invalid type of arguments PHP throws me an error . So my question is ... Is there a function or something like that which will catch that error (So that already PHP will not throw me an error) so I will be able to use that in my "if()" statments to see weather the function has been successfully executed ?

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what about using try-catch blocks? – linuxeasy Mar 7 '12 at 12:46
Could you post the corresponding code? – Bas Tuijnman Mar 7 '12 at 12:46

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You should write your code but you can try something like this:

function diffDates($date1 , $date2)
  if(!isValidDate($date1) || !isValidDate($date2))
    return false;

 //Do something

 return true;

//Check if $date is in format: mm/dd/yy
function isValidDate($date)
 $temp = explode("/" , $date);
   return false;
 return checkdate($temp[0] , $temp[1] , $temp[2]);
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Validate your date arguments before you pass them to your function. So check if arguments are valid dates.

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You could also use the DateTime object and wrap them in try/catch like @linuxeasy recommended. It recognizes all sorts of date formats and even has a handy "diff" method you can apply to two DT objects.

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