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I have built a cms that allows users to add up to 10 images into the slideshow, which all output in the front end in divs with ids of showcaseSlide with a number from 0-9 appended on the end, e.g. showcaseSlide0, showcaseSlide1 etc. For the javascript that controls the slideshow, I need to output all of the div id's into an array, but end the array when the slides finish, eg if the div ids went from showcaseSlide0 - showcaseSlide3, I would need the array to go from slides[0] - slides[3].

Here is the current code and some commented out code that I have tried before:

var slides = new Array();
var count = 0;
for(i=0; i<=10; i++){
slides[i] = "showcaseSlide"+i;
document.write(slides[i]); //so that I can see which id's are in the array
var div = document.getElementById(slides[i]);
//if(div) { break; } <- doesn't break
//if(document.getElementById(slides[i]) == null) break; <-breaks after 1st
//if(document.getElementById(slides[i]) == undefined) break; <- breaks after 1st


I've found out (thanks to Teemu who commented below) that it wasn't working because it was called before the page load, therefore before the objects were rendered. I also have to thank Peter Kelly (who also commented below), who pointed out that I needed to use a ! in my breaking if statement and Frazer who pointed out my loop was 1 too big.

Here is the new code (including the other elements of the initialising function):

var count = 0;
var wait = 4000;
var slides = [];

function startShowcase() {

    for(var i=0; i<10; i++){
        slides[i] = "showcaseSlide"+i;;
       if(!document.getElementById(slides[i])) { break; }
    setInterval(showcase, wait);

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have you tried if (!div) –  Peter Kelly Mar 7 '12 at 12:56
"breaks after 1st": Then the element with ID showcaseSlide0 does not exist. The test itself is correct (although too verbose). –  Felix Kling Mar 7 '12 at 12:57
I have tried if (!div) (breaks after the 1st) and document.getElementById(slides[count]) works in the function below which controls the slideshow (with count being a counter that resets when we reach the end of the array). –  Phil Young Mar 7 '12 at 13:02
If this code is executed as a function call after page completed, remove document.write, it clears the document, including your script. Use alert() instead. If the code is executed while parsing the page, it is possible, that showcaseSlide-elements don't exist yet. –  Teemu Mar 7 '12 at 13:06
@Teemu that was exactly the problem. The document.write was working because the code was executing before the page body, therefore not being able to get the not-yet rendered divs. I have added it into my function that initialises the slideshow (which is called onload) and it now work :) –  Phil Young Mar 7 '12 at 13:56

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I wouldn't be so complex. I guess you have a class applied to all your slides div? If you do, use something like the following:

var slides = []
var divs = document.getElementsByClassName('slide-class')
for (var i = 0, l = divs.length; i < l; ++i) {
    slides.push("showcaseSlide" + i)

Btw, several comments about your code:

  • Don't use new Array(). Instead, use []. See here to understand why.
  • You didn't use the var keyword to declare your i variable, which means this variable is global. Global is evil.
  • document.write is evil.

I guess your count variable has some use later?

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Note that getElementsByClassName is not available in IE8 and below. –  Felix Kling Mar 7 '12 at 13:17
@FlorianMargaine document.write is not evil, if you use it properly (to create a whole new document). It is incredible fast compared to DOM-manipulations. Obviously it's not suitable for OP's code. –  Teemu Mar 7 '12 at 13:18
Thanks for the pointers :). Yes, counter is the counter that controls which slide to apply effects to and when to reset to the beginning. –  Phil Young Mar 7 '12 at 13:53
Indeed, getElementsByClassName is not supported in IE8, but there are some solutions to use it cross-browser. –  Florian Margaine Mar 7 '12 at 13:56

You have DIVs numbered 0-9 but your loop runs 11 times.

Not actual code, but this explains it.

for(i=0; i<=10; i++){
  0 = 1st 
  1 = 2nd
  2 = 3rd
  3 = 4th
  4 = 5th
  5 = 6th
  6 = 7th
  7 = 8th
  8 = 9th
  9 = 10th
  10 = 11th
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