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I am building the validation plugin in my form and everyting is working well. But on checkboxes I get this as HTML:

Form Check HTML checkboxes:

<div class="right">
    <div class="custom-checkbox"><input type="checkbox" name="family" value="" id="third-check" class="require-one error"><label for="third-check">Check off</label></div>
    <div class="custom-checkbox"><input type="checkbox" name="family" value="" id="fouth-check" class="require-one"><label for="fouth-check">Check off</label></div>
    <div class="custom-checkbox"><input type="checkbox" name="family" value="" id="five-check" class="require-one"><label for="five-check" class="">Check off</label></div>
    <div class="custom-checkbox"><input type="checkbox" name="family" value="" id="six-check" class="require-one">
    <label for="checks" generated="true" class="error">Please check at least one box.</label>
    <label for="six-check">Check off</label></div>

As you can see the error is not standing outside the custom checkbox div. How can i do this?

The JS:

$.validator.addMethod('require-one', function(value) {
    return $('.require-one:checked').size() > 0;
}, 'Please check at least one box.');

var checkboxes = $('.right .require-one');
var checkbox_names = $.map(checkboxes, function(e, i) {
    return $(e).attr("name")
}).join(" ");

    meta: "validate",
    groups: { checks: checkbox_names },
    errorPlacement: function(error, element) {
    if (element.attr("type") == "checkbox") 
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Try this:


because you want to add the message after the div (which is the parent) to the current element.

UPDATE: after chat discussion, the correct anser is:

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This is not working i think it must be on the error.insertAfter(checkboxes.last()); but that i get not working... –  Maanstraat Mar 7 '12 at 13:21
where does it place the error message if you use the element.parent() instead of checkboxes.last()? –  robasta Mar 7 '12 at 13:23
Outside the costum-checkbox div but then the error is standing as second item and not at the last thing... so then i have: Checkbox, Error, Checkbox, Checkbox, Checkbox. –  Maanstraat Mar 7 '12 at 13:26
oh, i see, if you want the error to be the very last, ie "Checkbox, Checkbox, Checkbox, Error" then use error.insertAfter($('.custom-checkbox').last()) –  robasta Mar 7 '12 at 13:29
Hi Robert, Thats true. But i have multiple sections of .right with checkboxes in it... and then the error comes not on that right section where you dont havent checked a box. But alwasy at the last checkbox on the page... (I hope you understand) –  Maanstraat Mar 7 '12 at 13:32

You can do something like this it worked for me. "optLocation" are checkboxes same as "family" in the above example

    errorPlacement: function(error, element) {error.appendTo (element.siblings(".errordiv")); },    
    rules: { 
                txtProductTitle:{required: true}, 
                txtPrice:{required: true, number: true}, 
                optCategory:{required: true}, 
                optMainCategory:{required: true}, 
                txtProductImage:{required: true},
                optLocation:{required: true, minlength: 1},                 
                txtSummary:{required: true}, 
                txtDetails:{required: true}
    messages: {
                txtProductTitle: { required: "Please enter a title" },
                txtPrice:{required: "Please enter a price",number: "Please enter only digits"}, 
                optCategory:{required: "Please select a sub-category"}, 
                optMainCategory:{required: "Please select a category"},
                txtProductImage:{required: "Please upload images"},
                optLocation: { minlength: "Please select a location", required: "Please select a location" },
                txtSummary:{required: "Please enter summary"}, 
                txtDetails:{required: "Please enter description"}
    submitHandler: function() { fnAddProduct(); }

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