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How to reliably execute a function every few seconds in Sencha Touch? I am using following code to call function after every 7 seconds:

var task = new Ext.util.DelayedTask(function() {
}, this);

It works on iPhone and desktop (chrome) but i am having problem with Android, i.e on Android it is not working. I also tried by using setInterval method & setTimeout.

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Have you tried with setTimeout ?


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yes man i also tried with setTimout still same problem. :( –  user555 Mar 9 '12 at 5:55
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From this blog post, modified a bit.

... so here is a trivial set of extensions to the Ext.util.Functions class that provide the ability to create repeating tasks, and some simple management of them.

Ext.apply(Ext.util, {  
  repeat: function(taskName, fn, millis, zeroDayExecution) {
    this.tasks = this.tasks || {};  
    if (zeroDayExecution)  
    return this.tasks[taskName] = window.setInterval(fn, millis);  

  cancelRepeatingTask: function(taskName) {  
    if (this.tasks) {
      var id = this.tasks[taskName];  
      if (!Ext.isEmpty(id)) {  
        delete this.tasks[taskName];  

  cancelAllRepeatingTasks: function() {  
    if (this.tasks)  
    Object.keys(this.tasks).forEach(function(key) { 
                                    this.cancelRepeatingTask(key); }, 

Example call:

Ext.util.repeat('task1', function() { console.log('test'); }, 1000);
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