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I have a report with a chart showing data in the following way (this is only an example).

enter image description here

I show Products and the sales amount for different days. This I achieved by putting in a category group with the products, a series group with the days and values for the sales amount. This is working well.

Now I would like add a total column for each product and all days:

enter image description here

I would most like to do this without changing the underlying query.

I cannot get this to work.
I tried adding a calculated field with day sums for each product, but doing this I get a chart bar with these calculated values for every day of a product, which is natural as the days are in the series group. In the example, there would appear three new bars while I need only one. There is further no option to add a "total" to a series group like in tables f.ex.

The chart is based on a dataset using an mdx query, where products and days are crossjoined on the row axis, while sales amount are put on the columns.

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What does your dataset look like? (Adding a calculated field to the SSRS data set wouldn't change the underlying query and may get you what you want. – Jamie F Mar 7 '12 at 15:04
not sure what you mean... it is based on an mdx query which returns ints and strings – AGuyCalledGerald Mar 7 '12 at 15:55
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A possible way is to add a dummy member named "Day Total" on the row axis of the query and fill it with the needed sum values.

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