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When I purchase items for a Zynga game, you can see the price in local currency. What Facebook APIs can be used to determine the price? Can I get the price of credits in either local currency or US dollars? Example below.

Price in local currency for items bought with Facebook credits

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10 credits = 1 USD

Use an external service for getting current exchange rates for other currencies.

I have used the free XML file from the European Central Bank in the past, but that's based on the Euro (and up to 1 day old). There's probably lots of other sources available online.

You could just google "13 USD in GBP" and fetch the result from there.

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That's what I was heading towards, so good to have it confirmed. I guess you just ignore that the user can get bulk discounts on FB credits? – Todd Chaffee Mar 7 '12 at 17:27

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