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I need advice, please.

My first programming language is Javascript. I started learning JS like a client-side language,and I had plans to also learn PHP, for server-side, since it's now standard for that purpose. In the meanwhile, while learning JS, i didn't want to miss anything so I went through a lot of advanced topics (besides core JS).It includes design patterns,writing web-applications... I also want to create my own library.

I mentioned that I wanna go with one server-side language. My question is: since I spent decent ammount of time and energy learning one language, do you think I should stay with JS and learn Node.js for server-side ?

As I can see, Node.js will allow me to extend my programming knowledge, while with PHP I'll have to go from the befinning ? And, ofcourse PHP is much more popular and Node is still young language with uncertain future.


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Always hard to tell others what to do. The thing is it's pretty obvious that NodeJS is the new cool guy in the class. And since you got some JavaScript experience it would only seem logic to go for it. That being said, it kind of depends on what your goals are for learning serverside programming. As of now NodeJS changes ALOT in each update, and there is really no "best appreaches" on web frameworks yet(some are popular like RailwayJS/ExpressJS/Geddy) but they can all change. If you on the other hand want something reliable i wouldnt count out PHP and its frameworks (CI, CakePHP, Zend etc) –  Marco Johannesen Mar 7 '12 at 13:41
@DaveRandom is right though. Its a religion question allover again. Everything got its up's and downs'. –  Marco Johannesen Mar 7 '12 at 13:43
go for node.js its cool –  Yousuf Memon Apr 26 '13 at 14:43

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My advice to you is 'Learning PHP' .

1- Why you don't want to go out from JS and client side part, you should go to learn new technology in new side.

2- PHP will also increase you in client side and JS , when you build a website using PHP you must use JS , Jquery, ajax in it , so it will also increase your knowledge , you will not leave JS.

3- Learning PHP will lead you in learn other CMS easily in fast time like (drupal, joomla, wordpress, ...) all of them use PHP , so you will increase your knowledge, work and area of capabilities.

Hope I can advice you in right way :) and ask me in any thing you want.


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Using nodejs has it's own benefits, you learn one language in and out on server and client both. How Php can improve the JS ? CMS are for blogs mainly not for enterprise applications. Do some research buddy. –  Aman Virk Jan 1 at 16:57

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