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I added an image inside a link_to helper:

 <% like = image_tag("like.png", :alt => "like", :class => "like") %>
 <%= link_to like, vote_up_path(@votable, :votable_type => "Post"), :remote => true, :class => "vote-up default button" %>

How can I do it so that I can place some text within the link and right after the image (like the like button in YouTube)?

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You can pass a block to the link_to helper

<%= link_to vote_up_path(@votable, :votable_type => "Post"), :remote => true, :class => "vote-up default button" do %>
  <%= image_tag("like.png", :alt => "like", :class => "like") %>
<% end %>
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Pass the pic in a block as mentioned here.

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Just in case anyone here is using Slim as the view engine, in Rails 4 you can do:

= link_to root_path
  = image_tag 'logo.png'
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<% like = image_tag("like.png", :alt => "like", :class => "like") %>
<%= link_to "#{like} your text", vote_up_path(@votable, :votable_type => "Post"), :remote => true, :class => "vote-up default button" %>
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#{like} outputs the img tag as a string. – alexchenco Mar 8 '12 at 1:42
ok, your right. <%= link_to image_tag("like.png", :alt => "like", :class => "like") + " your text", vote_up_path(@votable, :votable_type => "Post"), :remote => true, :class => "vote-up default button" %> would be working. But the block variant is much more best practice I would say. – Daniel Mar 8 '12 at 7:58

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