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first, i appolosize to you my english is very short. but i try my best.

win32 api
visual studio 2010

my project is:
using a application that copy of iPhone maked by Adobe AIR. (it is not my program)
i want texturing that program's screenshot to my opengl. many win32 application can get realtime screenshot with next code:

HWND hSrc = ::FindWindow(NULL, "iBBDemo3");
HDC hSrcDC = GetDC(hSrc);
HDC hdc = GetDC(NULL);

RECT targetRect;

int width = targetRect.right;
int height = targetRect.bottom;
HDC memdc = CreateCompatibleDC(hdc);

int* t;

bmii.bmiHeader.biSize = sizeof(BITMAPINFOHEADER);
bmii.bmiHeader.biBitCount = 32;
bmii.bmiHeader.biWidth = width;
bmii.bmiHeader.biHeight = height;
bmii.bmiHeader.biPlanes = 1;

HBITMAP hBitMapUsing = CreateDIBSection(hdc,&bmii,DIB_RGB_COLORS,(void**)&t,NULL,0);

HDC dcTarget = CreateCompatibleDC(hdc);
RECT rt;
::PrintWindow(hSrc, dcTarget, 0);

return t; //t is byte array of texture that i want

this code works fine. and real-time updated on texture.
but adobe air application is can't work with this code.
FindWindow is work fine, getdc is workfine but byte-array of screenshot is black of all-pixel.
who knows why this problem occur or another way to get byte-array of Adobe AIR Application's screenshot? help me!

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It is possible that the WM_PRINT message generated by PrintWindow is not being handled by the target. You can try to BitBlt directly from the target DC.

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