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Im doing a page in .asp and im having this problem ... I have some variable constants


etc ... what I need to do its a cicle where I can print each variable value by refering it by string ...

Dim i
    For i=1 to CANTMENUS 

    Response.Write "<li>"& MENU_0 & i; & "</li>"


Something like that (obviously that do not work) I know the variable name start in MENU_0 and I want dinamicly add the next value to the variable name (the "i" value)

Its this posible to do ??

thanks for all.

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Can be done with Response.Write "<li>"& Eval("MENU_0" & i) & "</li>" but using eval is not recommended because of it's not a reliable method.
I'd suggest the use of dictionary object.

Set MENU = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary")
    MENU.Add "01", "FICHEROS"
    MENU.Add "02", "OPTIONS"
    MENU.Add "03", "USERS"

For Each Item In MENU.Items
    Response.Write "<li>" & Item & "</li>"

Another option is using arrays.

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In fact I found a way to do this without a set or array! By using eval() func


MENUNUMBER its the iteration variable and the variables with the values I want are MENU_01 MENU_02 MENU_03 etc ... and with eval("MENU_01") I get the value I need!

Thanks for all.

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