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I am trying to install xml diff ; https://github.com/mmacia/XMLdiff and i have not managed yet to make it work.Whenever i run any test example,i get

Fatal error: Interface 'PHPUnit_Framework_Test' not found in C:\xampp\php\PEAR\PHPUnit\Framework\TestSuite.php on line 85

Has anyone managed to install and use the library.I am using xampp on windows.

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I believe your problem has to do with PHPUnit's Autoloader.php not being included. This file sets the php spl_autoloadspl_register function which is responsible for loading in interfaces and classes like PHPUnit_Framework_Test.

According to this SO question, you have to include the autoloader file manually. Without knowing more about your set-up and how that particular library works, I would say do something like this in the appropriate file(s):

// define phpunit path
if ( ! defined('PHPUNIT_PATH')) {
    // define an absolute path to your PHPUnit dir
    // CHECK THIS, i'm not good with php on windows:

// Then include the autoloader like this:
include PHPUNIT_PATH.'Autoloader.php';

I hope this helps you or anyone else out.

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Check execution flags for C:\xampp\php\PEAR\PHPUnit\Framework\Framework\Test.php

The file needs to be executable by the user who is launching tests (probably you).

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