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I have an application and I'm using C#. I want to use the XmlDocument.LoadXml() method to read from an .xml file. However, the xml file will not always have the same name so I wanted to pass into the LoadXml() method the path to the file and then read any .xml files that are inside. So, something like this LoadXml(C:\Docs*.xml). It doesn't work for me. Is there another way I can accomplish this?

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You need to separate out the "loading XML from a file" from "picking which file to load". The two are unrelated concepts. (Although I would point out that XmlDocument.LoadXml takes raw XML as a string, not a filename. I think you want XmlDocument.Load.)

What do you want to happen if there's more than one XML document in c:\Docs? XmlDocument can only load one of them.

Use Directory.GetFiles(@"C:\Docs", "*.xml") to get the list of matching files in the directory. What you should do if there's more than one of them (or none) is up to you.

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Hey thanks, there should only be one in the directory and it gets overwritten. – jumbojs Jun 6 '09 at 19:16
Then I would make that very explicit in the code - if there isn't exactly one appropriate file, you should probably throw an exception. Glad it helped though. – Jon Skeet Jun 6 '09 at 19:17

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