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This must be a very stupid question because nobody else is asking it. I'm using Backbone.js with URLs for views like website.com/#article/12. To fetch the article, there is a GET request to /article/12. How do I redirect or 404 when the user goes to website.com/article/12 (without the hash) and sees the requested JSON in the browser?

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Your server should just respond to different HTTP requests in different ways based on the Accept headers.

On your server, if the request comes in with Accept: application/json then your app should return the JSON. Otherwise (like if it's Accept: text/html) you can return the HTML view you want them to see, redirect, or whatever. How you do this would just depend on what language/framework you're using, but should be relatively easy.

Ideally you'd use the same URL for the client view and drop the # tag (check out HTML5 pushState which Backbone.js supports nicely.)

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