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Ok, I'm just overwhelmed by the number of ways and tools to send emails from localhost using php script.

Can you guys just help me clearing some things up?

These are my types of actions:

  1. I've enabled gmail smtp in php.ini, set port to 465.
  2. I've downloaded phpmailer, tested as per instruction without success.
  3. I've the remote server mails configuration(where my site was previously hosted).
  4. Also, I have a php script downloaded from the internet which is supposed to send email.

What exactly do I need to send emails from localhost using php script?

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Gmail requires encrypted connections, which (assuming Windows since you have configured this in php.ini) isn't going to happen unless you have included the OpenSSL extension when you installed PHP. Did you do this? –  DaveRandom Mar 7 '12 at 15:42
the mail options in php.ini only apply if you're on a Windows host. Unix/Linux systems have their own local mail systems that PHP will use directly. –  Marc B Mar 7 '12 at 15:47

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You need a local SMTP server such as this one. Or, to make your life infinitely times easier, download WAMP which includes everything you need for local PHP projects.

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as i can see, you use gmail as a smtp then you need configure the php mailer script ... that will good if you edit your answer and put the code there.

after that you need to check permission, file permission/server permission/gmail permission

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