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I have a webview with html content written from a mixed xml and html file. The content have email address and phone number. The code works fine in IPhone. In Android, links are ok, but when I touch over phone number nothing is happening. Does the format of the phone number have to be particular? How can I linkify phone number on webviews on Android? Thanks for any help!

Best regards Manuela

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How is the number formatted now? You can try this in your html <a href="tel:1235555555">(123) 555-5555</a> – bbedward Mar 7 '12 at 15:15
Thanks for the answer! I can't change the code and the code is something like that: <p>Tel.<strong>+39 0123 45678</strong><br /></p> – user1039284 Mar 7 '12 at 15:19

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If you are planning to make a call when user clicks on "phone_number", you need to write different code for android.

you can write :

var num = "12345678";
if(Ti.Platform.osname === 'android')
    var intent = Ti.Android.createIntent({
        action: Ti.Android.ACTION_CALL,
        data: 'tel:'+num
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It should be as simple as adding the "href" property to the telephone number in the HTML. If that is there, the browser will handle the intent.

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