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Im writing a Twitter Client in C#/WPF/WCF.

I(Windows) showed some of my friends(OS X) and they would also like to use it.

Would it be worthwhile to convert the application into Silverlight 3 so that they would be able to run/install it on OS X?

Will the full features of Silverlight 3 be supported on OS X (like the install feature), like Silverlight 2 is?

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This (Mike Taulty on Channel 9, with a screencast showing it working) answers out-of-browser/install in OS X; I'm given to understand that the local install works slightly differently (to cater for OS differences), but works.

So: would your friends prefer Silverlight? Or would they happily run VMware Fusion? (not sure how well that would cope with an intensive WPF app, though).

If your xaml isn't hugely complex, I'd consider SL3 - but going from WPF to Silverlight is trickier than the other way around - there are, understandably, big gaps.

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I dont think they would run VWware Fusion, but they do run Crossover so they can use Office 2007 –  lloydsparkes Jun 6 '09 at 20:41

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