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While searching for an answer to this I've seen enough posts on here about the issues with the auto formatter to know that auto format should be possible. However, when I ctrl-k+ctrl-d I get:

"The key combination (Ctrl+K, Ctrl+D) is bound to command (Format Document) which is not currently available."

Any idea what gives? I just reset my settings to use C# settings (they were set to Web Development prior) but that didn't do anything.

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Upon closer inspection it appears the version of VS doesn't really recognize the cshtml extension at all so I'm guessing it's a version that hasn't been updated. That's what I'm looking in to now. –  Ryan Elkins Mar 12 '12 at 15:06

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The issue turned out to be that the computer I was using had not been updated to .NET 4.0 - updating the framework resolved the issue. I was thrown off a bit because the project would still build and run fine.

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