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I'm having a problem with the back face-visibilty property. It works how I want it to in Safari/Chrome, but for some reason it's not working correctly in Firefox.

When the box flips, I get a mirror image of the front face:

Link to site: http://www.ericouture.com/

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I have the exact same problem in Firefox 10.0.2! It seems like the property applies only to the front face, but when it flips with a rotateY 180deg, the back face does not have the property applied to it anymore. Anyone have a solution to this?! –  Mark Mar 12 '12 at 5:53

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Try putting 'backface-visibility:hidden' both on the object and its container. This is what worked for me with this bug

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This issue was fixed in firefox up till v30. The latest version v31 has the same issue cropping up. The solution given worked for me as well. Thanks. –  Ninz Jul 31 '14 at 3:36
Unfortunately adding backface-visiblity:hidden on the container makes the back unresponsive in Chrome. –  Noel Abrahams 2 days ago

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