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Is there an easy way to read the contents of a CSV file/XML Sitemap (will just be a bunch of URLS) into a Datagrid view in a win form?


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There is quite a good article for doing this located here: the code is in VB.NET but it should be easy to convert either using your own knowledge or using an online conversion tool such as

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How about using FileHelpers. This can read delimited or fixed length files which you map to a type.

In your case the type will contain a string Url.

Put these into a collection and databind to that.

Something like:

public class Row
    public string Url;


and then to read into memory:

FileHelperEngine<Row> engine = new FileHelperEngine<Row>();
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read the csv file to a dataset, and then set the dataset as the datasource of the dataGridView . Follow this link for populating the dataset:

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Here's a helpful CSV library: – Dan Fitch Mar 7 '12 at 16:43

CSV files are common data sources accessible from OLEDb data provider. Fill a DataTable with them and then set the DataTable as DataSource for the GridView.

See here.

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