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Some months ago the server was under a DDOS attack. (my sys admin found out) At this moment the sys admin is not available, and the server went down several times.

How can i find out if I am under attack? What log files?

SSH, APACHE were not available, but i could ping the server. Then I reset the server, and everything functions again. I think they do a short attack and then the server crashes. From what I know from the last attackers, they are just some idiots, no real 'hackers'.

What I found in the syslog, the last log before server went down: WEBSERVERUSER - MAIL (mailed 260 bytes of output but got status 0x0001 )

What logs to check more?

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What logs to check depends on what OS, what version, what server software is installed and how it's configured.

Basically apache web server (most used) has access logs here:


and error logs here:


SSH by default on RHEL logs to


or to syslog


I used denyhost tool to detect & prevent brute force attacks on SSHD.

There are lots of analyzers available, just google for IDS, but I can not recommend you specific until you give us more details mentioned above.

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