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Here is a stripped version of my program. I don't see why I am getting segmentation fault here.

int main(int argc, const char * argv[])
    char quit = 0;
    char buffer[100];
    while (quit == 0) {
        // puts(buffer);

Edit: By the way, get_timer_ticks returns Uint32.

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You should use


%s expects string, not integer. Since some random integer is unlikely to be a valid pointer to something resembling NULL-terminated string, SEGFAULT occurs.

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You're asking sprintf() to format a string and put it into buffer. As a result, it's treating your unsigned integer like a pointer -- and likely a very bad pointer, hence the segfault. Change your %s to %u to request it to format an unsigned integer instead.

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You're trying to interpret an integer as a string. This causes printf to try to read a string from an address with the number that get_timer_ticks happens happen to return. There's likely that there is no valid string at this address.

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The %s format specifier is for C-style strings, but get_timer_ticks returns a Uint32. The value returned is very unlikely to make sense to sprintf.

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You need to use %u instead of %s in sprintf.

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