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I am using boost::iostreams filtering_stream to implement my custom archive format. This format should support various compression algorithm so that each file could be compressed by using a different method.

To that end I keep a global stream for reading (or writing) and add or remove filters as required. However it is unclear whether adding and removing filters on the fly is actually possible.

In essence, I am trying to do something like this:

void ArchiveFile::readFromStream( std::istream& inputStream, unsigned filters )
    // create the filtered stream
    boost::iostreams::filtering_istream in;

    if ( filters & FILTERS_BZIP )
        in.push( boost::iostreams::bzip2_decompressor() );

    // add the source stream
    in.push( inputStream );

    // read file content
    in.read( &mFileContent[0], mFileSize );

I am calling readFromStream for each file, using the same inputStream. However I keep getting gibberish this way even when not using any filter. When I directly use inputStream the file is read ok.

What am I doing wrong?

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