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I am using full text search on google app engine. And I want to create search interface to search data from GAE datastore. I've written messy code. And Want to improve my code.Will you please help? thanks

I've three Datamodels.

class A(search.SearchableModel):
   text = db.TextProperty(required=False)

class B(search.SearchableModel):
   address = db.TextProperty(required=False)

class C(search.SearchableModel):
   name = db.StringProperty(required=False)
   sex = db.StringProperty(required=False)

Searching Like this (I have to search from these tables). Then passing these variables in template.

        a = A.all().search(keyword)
        b = B.all().search(keyword)
        c = C.all().search(keyword)

        template_values = {
            'a': a,
            'b': b,
            'c': c,

Then I'm printing these result in templates:

{% for a in a %}
   {{ a.text }}
{% endfor %}

{% for b in b %}
   {{ b.address }}
{% endfor %}

  {% for c in c %}
   {{ c.name }}
   {{ c.sex }}
{% endfor %}

Question is: 1. Is there any way to create only single query set? I'm using three queries. I want to create only single query. 2. So I have to pass only single variable to template 3. Which is easy to iterate

thanks :-)

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If you only want to have a single query, you might consider merging the objects into one single object with all the properties.

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