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i'm new to semantic web. I'm trying to do a sample application where i can query data from different data sources in one query. i have created a small rdf file which contains references to dbpedia resources for defining localities. my question is : how can i get the data contained in my file and other information which is in the description of the distant resource (for example : the name of the person from the local file, and the total poulation in a city dbpedia-owl:populationTotal from the distant rdf file). i don't really understand the sparql query language, i tried to use the JENA ARQ API with the SERVICE keyword but it doesn't solve the problem. Any help please?

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I guess you are looking for something like the Semantic Web Client Library, which tries to leverage the GGG. Albeit, the standard exploration algorithm of this framework is that it follows rdfs:seeAlso links. Nevertheless, the general approach seems to be what your are looking for, i.e., you would create a local graph that consists of your seed graph and that traverse the relations up to a certain level, e.g., three steps, resolves the URIs and load that content into your local triple. Utilising advanced technologies like SPARQL federation might be something for later ;)

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I'll try this thank you. – h_ismaili Mar 9 '12 at 16:17

I have retrived data from two different sources using SPARQL query with named graphs. I used jena-ARQ to execute the sparql query.

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