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I'm trying to make sed match the last part of a url and output just that. For example:

echo "http://randomurl/suburl/file.mp3" | sed (expression)

should give the output:


So far I've tried sed 's|\([^/]+mp3\)$|\1|g' but it just outputs the whole url. Maybe there's something I'm not seeing here but anyways, help would be much appreciated!

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this works:

 echo "http://randomurl/suburl/file.mp3" | sed 's#.*/##'
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Thank you! That solved it :) – glindste Mar 7 '12 at 17:45
could you elaborate on what it does? – nass Apr 23 '15 at 15:45

basename is your good friend.

> basename "http://randomurl/suburl/file.mp3"
=> file.mp3
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Thats really useful, thanks :) – glindste Mar 7 '12 at 17:56

This should do the job:

$ echo "http://randomurl/suburl/file.mp3" | sed -r 's|.*/(.*)$|\1|'


  • | has been used instead of / to separate the arguments of the s command.
  • Everything is matched and replaced with whatever if found after the last /.

Edit: You could also use bash parameter substitution capabilities:

$ url="http://randomurl/suburl/file.mp3"
$ echo ${url##*/}
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echo 'http://randomurl/suburl/file.mp3' | grep -oP '[^/\n]+$'

Here's another solution using grep.

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