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i've been looking several guidance about this in Grails official documentation site here

but still i couldn't make it runs well.

Supposed i created two plugin. myplugin-a and myplugin-b .

Each plugin had their own bootstrap that will execute when main app which install those plugins runs. I had include this line of code in MypluginBGrailsPlugin.groovy

def loadAfter = ['myplugin-a']

but still the plugin runs the bootstrap on each plugins with the following order :

myplugin-b -> myplugin-a .

Did i miss something here ?

Any help would be appreciated

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You need to use the camel-case syntax of the plugin name: def loadAfter = ['mypluginA']. See for an example in the Hibernate plugin

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still i couldn't make it runs as i want to. I used grails 2.0.0 and crate my plugin using syntax create-plugin myplugin-plugina and create-plugin myplugin-pluginb. I have change my MypluginPluginaGrailsPluginsection def loadAfter = ['mypluginPlugina'] as suggested but still it wont run as i want it to. Note : the reason i want to put this thing in order is because i want the BootStrap on each plugin runs one after another. – Don Clerecudzio Mar 8 '12 at 8:31
Found the problem. I've uninstalled the plugin and reinstalling again it works. Still i couldn't figure out how to control the bootstrap load order. Any ideas on that ? – Don Clerecudzio Mar 10 '12 at 15:00

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