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I am trying to change the basename (filename) of photos:

In my model I have:

  attr_accessor :image_url, :basename

  has_attached_file :image,
          :styles => { :original => ["300x250>", :png], :small => ["165x138>", :png] },
          :url  => "/images/lille/:style/:id/:basename.:extension",
          :path => ":rails_root/public/images/lille/:style/:id/:basename.:extension"
before_save :basename

  def basename
  self.basename = "HALLLO"

But the filename is not changed at all.

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See if this helps you

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I don't know about that solution: the before_create runs only when the object is created, what happens when it is is updated? And it is not that simple has using before_update because sometimes you update other parts of the object and not the :image attr. – mariowise May 7 '15 at 14:08

Im doing this to strip whitespaces:

before_post_process :transliterate_file_name

def transliterate_file_name
  self.instance_variable_get(:@_paperclip_attachments).keys.each do |attachment|
    attachment_file_name = (attachment.to_s + '_file_name').to_sym
    if self.send(attachment_file_name)
      self.send(attachment).instance_write(:file_name, self.send(attachment_file_name).gsub(/ /,'_'))

I hope this will help you.


In your example:

def basename
  self.image_file_name = "foobar"

Should do the job. (but might rename the method ;) )

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I wanted to avoid having to add a before_create callback to every model with an attachment. I had a look at the source and at the time of this writing it looked sth like:

module Paperclip
  class Attachment
    def assign_file_information
      instance_write(:file_name, cleanup_filename(@file.original_filename))
      instance_write(:content_type, @file.content_type.to_s.strip)
      instance_write(:file_size, @file.size)

So you could just patch cleanup_filename.


module Paperclip
 class Attachment
   def cleanup_filename(filename)
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