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What I want to do

I want to inspect a closure (passed as a variable) to determine how many arguments it expects. Essentially, I want to overload a closure in the traditional sense, only by treating it differently.

function someMethod(Closure $callback) {
    if($callback->getNumArgs() == 3) {
        $callback($varA, $varB, $varC);
    else {
        $callback($varC, $varA);

If this could be explained better, please let me know so it can be edited.

Background information

Depending on how many arguments the closure takes, I will adjust the way in which it's called. I need to do this to save expensive iterations through a loop.

Please note

  • I am using PHP5.3
  • As a reminder, I do not want to execute the function and thus cannot use func_num_args
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With Reflection:

$ref = new ReflectionFunction(function($foo, $bar) {});
echo $ref->getNumberOfParameters(); // 2
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Doh! I keep forgetting just how useful reflection is. Thanks :) –  Will Morgan Mar 7 '12 at 18:41

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