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I have two categories defined for the same class and have same function but different definition. I want to choose a particular function of a category at runtime on some condition. Does obj c compiler maintain some book keeping for categories.

I was thinking in terms of C++ (virtual function/Vtable) where these can be achieved using polymorphism. How can I solve such scenario in objective C.

Class MyClass;

@interface MyClass (CategoryOne)
-(void) printCategory()

@interface MyClass (CategoryTwo)
-(void) printCategory()

Now I included both the header files in MyClass.m. Is there any possibility of liberty of choosing the particular definition of "printCategory()" at some runtime condition?

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No. If two categories implement the same method, it is undefined which one is executed.

From the docs:

There’s no limit to the number of categories that you can add to a class, but each category name must be different, and each should declare and define a different set of methods.

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Thanks!! Yeah I have been going through the doc and got that as well. Excuse my laziness to begin with ;-). –  Rakesh Singh Mar 7 '12 at 21:39

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