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I need to build a custom WPF Control something like this enter image description here

As I am new in WPF, I used the following code (sorry for VB.NET)

Public Class TextPlaceholder
  Inherits System.Windows.Controls.Label

  Const CustomBorderWidth As Integer = 2

  Public Sub New()
    Me.BorderBrush = SystemColors.ActiveBorderBrush
  End Sub

  Protected Overrides Sub OnRender(drawingContext As System.Windows.Media.DrawingContext)

    Dim pointTopLeft As New Point(-1, -1)
    Dim pointTopRight As New Point(Me.ActualWidth, -1)
    Dim pointBottomLeft As New Point(-1, Me.ActualHeight)
    Dim pointBottomRight As New Point(Me.ActualWidth, Me.ActualHeight)

    Dim myPen As New Pen(Me.BorderBrush, CustomBorderWidth)
    drawingContext.DrawLine(myPen, pointTopLeft, New Point(pointTopLeft.X + 5, pointTopLeft.Y))
    drawingContext.DrawLine(myPen, pointTopLeft, New Point(pointTopLeft.X, pointTopLeft.Y + 5))

    drawingContext.DrawLine(myPen, pointTopRight, New Point(pointTopRight.X - 5, pointTopRight.Y))
    drawingContext.DrawLine(myPen, pointTopRight, New Point(pointTopRight.X, pointTopRight.Y + 5))

    drawingContext.DrawLine(myPen, pointBottomLeft, New Point(pointBottomLeft.X + 5, pointBottomLeft.Y))
    drawingContext.DrawLine(myPen, pointBottomLeft, New Point(pointBottomLeft.X, pointBottomLeft.Y - 5))

    drawingContext.DrawLine(myPen, pointBottomRight, New Point(pointBottomRight.X - 5, pointBottomRight.Y))
    drawingContext.DrawLine(myPen, pointBottomRight, New Point(pointBottomRight.X, pointBottomRight.Y - 5))
  End Sub

End Class


1) Is it the best way to do it, considering that I will inherit that control and need the same border on the inherited controls
2) Is it good to specify the default value for the BorderBrush (to be non-transparent), like I did?
3) Why my corners are moved with a pixel (not really right linked)?

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2 Answers

A better thing to do is instead of using the Border class/control create your own Decorator class (that's essentially what a Border is).

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what about inheritance of this control? Border and Decorator are not inherited... and also, I don't know how to set a border in whitch but corners be visible; –  serhio Mar 8 '12 at 8:39
If you look at the source code for Border.cs, then you'll see that it overrides the ArrangeOverride, MeasureOverride, and OnRender methods which are key to creating your own type of Decorator. –  m-y Mar 8 '12 at 15:10
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My attempt at answering your questions:

Update: Answers to your comment:

a) to create border visible only on corners you could try to use a simple border with opacity mask (haven't tested this yet though)

b) I suppose the method you used is ok in your case, (however, if you made a templated control this won't be an issue ;)).

c) Sorry, my mistake. You can try to set StartLineCap and EndLineCap to PenLineCap.Round or PenLineCap.Square value. More information can be found on MSDN: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.windows.media.pen.aspx

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Lucas, thanks for your answers. a) I don't know how to set a border in whitch but corners be visible; b) -; c) as I understand, LineJoin is used in poligonal lines, but I draw 8 independent lines...* –  serhio Mar 8 '12 at 8:43
No problem, I hope my answer is helpful for you. I've updated it to contain aswers to your comment. –  Lukasz M Mar 8 '12 at 20:03
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