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I am trying to disable hyperlinks and show them in plain text using HTMLPurifier but I did not get right. Here is my code:

$html ='<a href="">link</a><b>test</b>';
 require_once 'include/htmlpurifier/library/';
                        $Config = HTMLPurifier_Config::createDefault();
                        $Config->set('AutoFormat.DisplayLinkURI', true);
                        $purifier = new HTMLPurifier();
                        $html = $purifier->purify($html);                   
                        echo $html;

The current output is:

    <a href="">link</a><b>test</b>

What is the problem? The output should be:

<a>link</a> (<b>test</b>
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First problem: you're not passing the config object to the HTML Purifier constructor, so it doesn't work.

Second problem: you haven't actually told HTML Purifier to remove href attributes from a tags. I'm not really sure what will happen to DisplayLinkURI if you do that though.

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