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How to move an element into another element?

I basically want to reassign a parent to my DIV:

<DIV id='main'>
   <DIV id='child'>

<DIV id='surrogate'>

So i want child to be child of surrogate.

I tried:

var $a = $('#child');
var contents = $a.contents();
$('#surrogate').append('<p>' + contents + '</p>');

But it will just output: [object Object]

Is there a better/working way to just reassign a parent to a whole tree of elements, without reading the content copying or cloning it? Well, maybe cloning works, but I'd rather just move it..

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You want to get the html from inside child which returns a string so you can concatenate it the way you are doing

var $a = $('#child');
$('#surrogate').append('<p>' + $a.html() + '</p>');


contents() is returning a jQuery object and you can't concatenate an object and string

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+2, But OP: be careful that the child doesn't already contain a <p> that will get wrapped with another <p> when you append it to the surrogate div (i.e., $a.html() == '<p>Old content of child div.</p>';). –  msanford Mar 7 '12 at 20:07

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