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I am using SVNKit to be able to use my Subversion. Now according to here Subversion does allow the retrieval of the names of the methods which have been changed. Now in SVNKit, I am currently using doDiff to get the differences in file contents. However I need just a list of the methods being modified and the number of lines which have been modified... Is there a way to be able to do so using SVNKIt?

Thanks for your help

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By default, the output of svn diff is in the unified diff format.
You need to parse it to get the changes you need to highlight in the file between the different revisions.

Also, SVNKit let you specify a diff driver when using the SVNDiffClient class, using the setDiffGenerator() method.
You can write a class that implements ISVNDiffGenerator to have the diff outputted in the format you need.

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