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I want to remove a git submodule. I found another question that answers how to do it but I had questions about the process.

In my knowledge, removing the reference from .gitmodules should remove it from .git/config as well as I see that .git/config (in the the top level) gets updated on running "git submodule init". So, why can't I just remove from .gitmodules and git rm --cached ?

Another question is that when I did that(just remove from .gitmodules), on running git submodules init, I see a failure as git tries to initialize the submodule that I want to remove.

I understand this is a process and this is how it is but if someone can give some more info. on it, it would be great. I have googled on it and also seen similar questions on stackoverflow.

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I'm sure you saw this SO answer: stackoverflow.com/questions/1260748/… I really wish git would add a git submodule rm command, seeing as people have been using this silly 5-step process since at least 2009 and the question has 450 upvotes. – danny Apr 19 '12 at 18:11
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I think it is just the way it is, could not get any answers so marking this as the right one to close it.

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One way to simplify the process of removing a submodule is to use the new git1.8.3 (April 22d, 2013) command:

git submodule deinit

See the new answer in "How do I remove a Git submodule?".

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