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I have client-server application. The server is in C. Server have this structure:

int main (... ) {
FILE * fp;
fp = fopen("serverLog.log","w");

//init variables
//bind server
//listen server on port
  while(1) {
  //some code
  //some code
  int check = pthread_create(&thread, NULL, handle_client,&ctx);


I run the server, and close the server using CTRL+C. What happens with filedescriptor fd? I suppose, that it stays open. If yes, what can I do with that? Thx

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Similar to this question:… - if you exit the program, its resources (memory, file descriptors) should be reclaimed by the OS. – birryree Mar 7 '12 at 20:53
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No, it will be closed by the operating system. When your process exits (whether cleanly or forcibly) the kernel will clean up all dangling handles.

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